Casse-Tête INC


Casse-Tête Inc is a brand that focuses on Craft, Community, and Culture. This is a space that offers appointment consultation and service, where the patron is there for the artists and vice versa. We promote community involvement and representation. The only things that you will see in the shop are Montreal made, and sourced. We focus on the craft barbering and tattooing, as well the community we interact with outside the shop and the community we create in the shop. The culture we are creating within the space, as well the culture we interact with and are involved in is what drives us.

We aim to create a safe space for anyone in the industry, as well as all clients who enter the doors of Casse-Tete. We offer a service which is unique in its approach to the client. They decide how much a haircut or tattoo costs using a sliding scale, as well as being given the option of a membership to lock in a price for their service.

The goal is to eliminate any ambiguity involved with the price of the service. In both industries, there is usually an understanding that tip is mandatory, not just appreciated. By offering a sliding scale it creates a dialogue between artist and client on what is not only fair for both parties, but also the fact that art is something that does not have a set price.

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