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About Casse-Tête Inc.

Casse-Tête Inc is a brand that focuses on Craft, Community, and Culture. This is a space that offers appointment consultation and service, where the patron is there for the artists and vice versa. We promote community involvement and representation. The only things that you will see in the shop are Montreal made, and sourced. We focus on the craft barbering and tattooing, as well the community we interact with outside the shop and the community we create in the shop. The culture we are creating within the space, as well the culture we interact with and are involved in is what drives us.

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Hair Saloon


For all your hair sculpting needs here at Casse-Tête Inc. we focus on making sure that your experience is always given with love and care. It’s a ‘look good feel good’ lifestyle and we do our best to make you walk out feeling like the $6,000,000 person that you are. All our prices are sliding scale, where it starts from $40 and can go to $80 depending on what you want to pay. There is no wrong answer, it is always appreciation NEVER obligation.

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Tattoo Shop

Tattoo Shop

As the motto says, we are all about Culture, and anyone who wishes to support us will be treated with respect and hospitality. This is a safe space for everyone and we do not tolerate anything less than a professional and safe environment. Please note that we only tattoo individuals who are 18 and over, no exceptions. If you want a tattoo and need permission from your parents… wait till you’re 18. All our services are sliding scale and that includes Tattoos. The base price may differ depending on the tattoo and what work was involved.

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